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FeaturesLxi 1.0L

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Variant Fuel
Transmission Rated Mileage / kmpl*
Guaranteed Offer*
Exchange Bonus**
Ex-Showroom Price
On-Road Price
Lxi 1.0LPetrolManual22.5200001500 to 25002500429561513621
Lxi (O) 1.0LPetrolManual22.5200001500 to 25002500436061521248
Lxi CNG 1.0LCNGManual33.54200001500 to 25002500494561588924
Lxi CNG (O) 1.0LCNGManual33.54200001500 to 25002500498948594066
Vxi 1.0LPetrolManual22.5200001500 to 25002500479561572259
Vxi (O) 1.0LPetrolManual22.5200001500 to 25002500486061579887
Vxi AGS 1.0LPetrolAutomatic22.5200001500 to 25002500526561627378
Vxi (O) AGS 1.0L PetrolAutomatic22.5200001500 to 25002500533061635006
Vxi 1.2L PetrolManual21.5200001500 to 25002500498948600733
Vxi (O) 1.2L PetrolManual21.5200001500 to 25002500506061609076
Zxi 1.2L PetrolManual21.5200001500 to 25002500532561640193
Vxi AGS 1.2L PetrolAutomatic21.5200001500 to 25002500546561656638
Vxi (O) AGS 1.2L PetrolAutomatic21.5200001500 to 25002500553061664263
Zxi AGS 1.2L PetrolAutomatic21.5200001500 to 25002500579561695380

*Guaranteed Offer

Acer Motors is committed to providing its Customers the Best offer. The column indicates the current discount available at this time for each variant. We urge you to hurry as this offer is for a limited period only and shall expire soon.

**Exchange / Spot Booking Bonus

If you are selling a car and purchasing a new one, we have an exciting offer for you. ‘Trade-in’ your car with us and you can get an extra rebate on your new car. Check the grid above for the extra rebate amount.

We also are offering an exciting extra atop of all. Book now and avail the booking bonus as listed above. Buying your favourite Maruti has never been so compelling. Go for it, today.

***Institutional Employee Bonus

We offer an extra bonus to employees of Government and select Corporates / Public Sector undertakings. The bonus amount differs by organization and is therefore indicated as a range. Click the link in the cell corresponding to the variant you intend to buy to check if you qualify for this additional offer and for the exact amount.

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We're sorry. The selected transmission type Manual is not available with the selected fuel type.

We're sorry. The selected transmission type Automatic is not available with the selected fuel type.

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